Monday, March 03, 2008

It's Another Menu-Plan Monday!

Another week & another week's worth of meals to prepare, so here goes! Not too much extraordinary this week. Last week went really well & all the meals turned out great (with no complaining from the hubby!!).
Monday - homemade stromboli (I use frozen bread dough)
Tuesday - Ranch chicken tenders
Wednesday - Girls' Night & Wing Wednesday (for DH)
Thursday - Family night or tacos
Friday - fish dinner @ my parents' place



Megan said...

I should do the Monday post as well b/c I always have my meals planned. Instead I just stop in and read yours. I don't watch AI so I couldn't comment on those posts. I usually tune in every so often so I know who the front runners are...

Anonymous said...

The ranch chicken tenders sound yummy. Will have to try them. Thanks!