Wednesday, March 26, 2008

American Idol - Top 10

Birth year songs! - I love this week on American Idol - I feel like you get to know so much about the contestants & they get to choose a style of music that best suits them! Sorry this is a day late! I worked until 5:30 yesterday and had about an hour at home to eat and review for bible study, which was at 7:30...and I went to bed as soon as I got home!

David C. - Billie Jean - bummer - I was expecting him to rock it out like Michael Jackson...but this was still awesome and very un-predictable (since they'd been harping on him about that in recent weeks). That was awesome! Best performance of the night!
David A.
- You're the Voice - I am not familiar with this song at all, but I think he sounds awesome - he's just so amazing and sings with such enthusiasm - it's like he's been practicing these songs everyday for all 17 years of his life...I want him to sing to me...even if it is the phone book (and Simon is crazy tonight, too...what in the heck?).
Carly - Total Eclipse of the Heart - I love this song and Carly did an awesome job with it - Wow! She'll be a hard one to top tonight! what's up with Randy anyway? I thought it was great and I'm not normally a Carly fan...I agree with Simon more that she did seem somewhat uptight, but in general, it was good.
Brooke - I'll Be Watching You - interesting song choice...she had a little bit of a rocky start when she did the re-start, but I love hearing the purity of her voice with just the piano to accompany her. There wasn't much extra that she did with the song, so I'm not sure how they'll feel about that, but regardless, she will definitely go her!
- If I Were Your Woman - she sounds great and looks gorgeous (ok, do I sound like Paula yet?) but it's kind of a boring song...I think she should have found a Whitney song to really show off her chops...but she was still good! A familiar song would have done more for me.
Michael - We Will Rock You/We are the Champions - I just thought it was ok until he started the We are the Champions part of the song - I wish he would have picked something more melodic, but he's convinced he's a rocker, so we'll go with that. I agree that this was one of his best performances since the show started.
- Fragile - I didn't know this song, but he's just so cute and sincere, I think he could sing an irish jig and it would be great! I thought he did an awesome job! Simon was kind of harsh, I thought (and I usually agree with him)...Jason's laid back, so of course that reflects in his songs...
Chickezie - If Only for One Night - I don't know this song either, but I thought he did a good job. There weren't many "touches" in the song that made it overly special or memorable, but he sounded good overall, and he adds so much attitude that you can't help but love it! And for once, I agreed with Paula (shhhh...I didn't say that!)
Ramiele - Alone - this is a tough song for me because it was previously done by AI winner Carrie Underwood, and as far as I'm concerned, no one will ever do it as well as she did! Ramiele did OK & it was pitchy at points, but WAYYYY better than her previous two weeks. I think she'll still be around.
Kristy - God Bless the USA - of all the WONDERFUL songs of 1984 (including country, which she's been chomping at the bit to sing), she chooses a patriotic ballad? I'm very confused by this song choice. She sounds good, but I'm just so puzzled...I had considered moving her up above Ramiele, but this song doesn't have much substance to it, so she remains #10...and what is Simon talking about? I just don't GET him (or Randy) tonight.

Bottom 3: Ramiele, Chickezie, Kristy
Going home (believe me, I haven't watched the results yet): Kristy Lee Cook


Tipp said...

I LOVE Brooke! I too had no idea what David was singing and couldn't believe that Kristy chose God Bless America, I mean really, what says I have no idea how to pick a song more than that?

Pooe Cheeeseey or whatever his name was.

Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

i agree w/ you about was kind of like..."well, i don't know any other songs on the 1984 list so i'll pick the one that everyone knows."

I LOVE BROOKE, even though this was not her best week...she's my top so far.


Kristen said...

You are too cute. I haven't been watching Idol too much, so I just come to your blog and find out all about the show! :-) Ever consider a career in American Idol correspondence? :-)