Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Since I wrote about 13 annoying and/or depressing and/or things that drive me crazy last week, I thought today would be a great day to talk about 13 things I loooove!

1. Breaks off of work - unfortunately, once Easter is over, there are no more breaks in the school year until summer. But since I'm not working this summer (except to fill in for the regular workers' vacation days), I can't really complain.

2. Being home with my family - even if my hubby complains because he's allergic to the cats and he doesn't like the mattress and/or pillows on the bed in our room...I still love it.

3. Country music - I don't get when people say they don't like country's so diverse, that if you gave it a chance, there is definitely SOMETHING you would find that you me! Open your mind!

4. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers - have you tried those things??? Although, I do have to admit that I have found one mess it couldn't tackle - a scuff mark from a suitcase on my yellow bedroom doesn't even budge....that's ok, Mr. Clean. I still love your squeaky-clean bald head.

5. Bloggie giveaways - I just won a photo album from Robin over at Robinznest and it made my's the little things, me, it doesn't take much these days!

6. The Big Bang Theory - have you ever seen this show on CBS? It is the only show on TV that can actually make me laugh out loud...I think it's because it feeds my inner nerd (as if you didn't already know how nerdy I really was...). I was so happy for a new episode this week!

7. Wii - my dad is currently standing in the living room golfing on the Wii. We (hubby and I) actually had both my mom and my dad bowling with us on the Wii tonight. It was a great time...but don't ask me...since I won!

8. Scrabulous & Literati - both of these are fun, online Scrabble-style games that you can play online with friends or strangers. I play literati almost every night with my mom & DH & I are known to have a game of Scrabulous going via our Facebook accounts...but he cheats, so we won't talk about that anymore...

9. Coupons - I've been known to go rummaging through a Sunday newspaper that's been sitting out in the rain for 24 hours or so, just to get to the soggy coupons inside...don't laugh...the other day, I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things & I got $11.50 worth of groceries for $4...and don't get me started on clearance racks. I went shopping a few months ago and got a pair of denim capris on the clearance rack at Penney's for $0.97!!! And just last week, I went shopping with my mom and got $300 worth of clothes for $37 (5 sweaters, a dress, a top and a spring jacket)!!

10. Apples to Apples - best party game ever! Get it and try it with your friends...there's a kid-friendly version as well. It's even educational!

11. Chai Tea - if you have never had it, you must...but don't get the powdered kind...get a tea bag, add in some boiling water, then a few minutes later, add a bit of sweetener and some milk...mmmm!

12. Electronic hand-held 20 Questions - have you ever tried this game? Oh my gosh! It is so amazing the way it seems to read your mind; and for less than $20, you MUST go get one! It will keep your kids (or husband) entertained for hours!

13. My Hubby - of course I saved the best for last! I love my husband - but can you blame me???


Ter said...

I am too tired to think of 13 things today, but I do like some of the same things you mention on yours!!

Anonymous said...

Great list! I was going to do this today and totally forgot - maybe next week! Have I already told you to have a good Easter? Well if not have a good Easter! :-)

Tipp said...

Being home with family is at the TOP of my list.

Good Thursday post!
Happy Weekend! ( and hoppy easter!)

The Koala Bear Writer said...

Agreed on the country music. Be careful with the Mr. Clean - they can cause chemical burns (so don't let your kids use them). Making lists like this is a great exercise once in a while... now you've got me thinking of my list!

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

This is a great list! My list for the week was things that drive me bananas. I felt a little guilty after unloading my gripes is a blog entry! Maybe I will do this list for this Thursday!

It looks like we do some of the same carnivals. I have a great new carnival on Tuesdays. I hope maybe you'll come join it!

Bob Andelman said...

You might enjoy this entertaining audio interview with Bill Prady, co-creator of "The Big Bang Theory." Prady's other writing and producing credits include "Gilmore Girls," "Muppets in Space," "Dream On," and even an episode of "Star Trek Voyager."