Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter, Shminter!

Bleh - this weather has really gotten to me lately. Maybe it's because I'm an adult now or maybe I'm just a wuss, but I can't get over how long the winters seem. I am SO ready for spring and sunshine and planting my garden...and it's barely January!

I can honestly say that I'm glad that 2009 is over & I hope that 2010 promises to be a better year. While we saw the happiest two weeks of our lives in 2009, we also found our darkest days and I am glad to start with a clean slate. I'm preparing to apply for a new job in the upcoming school year (though I've done that before but to no avail, so we shall see what the future holds). I've grown very tired of many things happening at my work place, but the biggest contributing factor to my decision is money. If we are unable to get PG on our FET (Feb/Mar), then we need to seriously start pursuing avenue that we really cannot afford, especially on my measly church salary. I could be making 4x the money if I worked in a public school setting, so finding a job soon is imperative. I'm bummed at the prospects of doing all that work for what could possibly amount to nothing like it has in the past...

On the plus side of things, however, we got an awesome new TV for a Christmas present from G's family & so we naturally had to go out and get a new TV stand for it. The other one was an actual entertainment center, so the hole really wasn't big enough to house the new tv anyway. We weren't looking to spend a ton of money right now, but I also didn't want to get a junky piece of furniture that wouldn't last. We ended up going to a furniture warehouse (no seconds, mostly one-of-a-kinds and floor models) & found the perfect piece. It was a little more than I wanted to spend, however we got to the register and found that it was $100 cheaper than the tag price! Sweet! I love the way it looks in our living room & it seems like we've got so much more space in there now. This isn't the best pic (taken w/ G's phone), but you get the idea. This was also before the HD was installed.

I've been doing some great bargain shopping lately, like $.45 candle bulbs for my window candles from Rite-Aid's 75% off Christmas section. I've also found a few great deals at my local supermarket. Using the Healthy Choice $5/off 5 frozen meals, I got 5 frozen French Bread pizzas for $.19 each! Check out my friend Melissa's site, Stockpiling Moms, for more great deals! I've got a button for the site on my sidebar!