Wednesday, March 05, 2008

American Idol - Top 8 Boys

So I ended up going 2 for 4 in last week's predictions...I was correct in guessing that Alexandrea & Jason Y would go home, but I didn't guess that Robbie & Alaina (wow - never would have guessed that one) would go home. Let's see how the boys shaped up this week...

1. Jason - awesome - all I could think of the whole time that song was on was the part in Shrek where that plays in the background...I thought he did a great job & I was SO amazed when Simon said that it was one of his favorite performances all year! Wow!
2. David A. - wonderful - again - of course! I agreed with Paula (say what?) that it was somewhat refreshing to hear his voice squeak and go pitchy once in a while because it reminds us that he is human and imperfect! He's still my favorite!
3. David C. - I loved that he played the guitar & I thought he was great! Great song choice!
4. David H. - interesting song choice (Celine Dion) but he actually sounded good...did anyone else hear today that he has stripping & lap dancing on his resume? I guess I won't be too sad if he goes home then.
5. Michael - I thought his song choice was a good one for him, but he's sort of succumbing to the "forgettable"-factor a bit for me lately...his days are numbered.
6. Chickezie* - I thought he sounded great, but maybe a bit TOO serious...especially when you consider how funky & fresh most 80s music was...he could have done something really cool.
7. Danny - God taught me not to speak if I can't say something nice, so I will just say that I liked his pants.
8. Luke* - so.bad - George Michael is never a good choice.

As much as I would love to see Danny & Luke go, I know that Danny is being promoted on VFTW, so my bets this week are on Luke & Chickezie


Anonymous said...

LOL! I love your # 7 and 8 comments. So so true. And by now we know the outcome. Is it wrong to be so happy?