Wednesday, March 05, 2008

American Idol - Top 8 Girls

We watched the girls tonight & here are our thoughts...

I just can't rank the girls this week - no one majorly wowed me, so I will split them into groups instead...

Good: Carly, Kristy, Syesha, Brooke, Ramiele
OK: Amanda
Probably going home: Asia'h & Kady

Sorry this is so short & sweet but the girls just don't do it for me this year. If I had to pick my favorite girl performance today, it would probably be Syesha, but Carly was pretty good, too.


Hafsa said...

You were right on with the girls going home!

P.S. I've been reading your old entries about infertility and I can say that I understand your pain. I've been off the pill since August of 2007 and I still haven't gotten my monthly visitor (it's been 7 months now). I'm going into the doctor in two weeks to figure out what's going on, but it's definitely a scary hopeless feeling.