Monday, March 02, 2009

Menu Plan Monday!

Here we are again with another edition of MPM! Last week's went off without a hitch. This week is a pretty busy week, however, so you will notice that I'm only in charge of 2 meals, which is super nice (even though I do love cooking).
Monday - Cheddar Garlic Chicken. I have made this before and it is very yummy!
Tuesday - Family night w/ IL's
Wednesday - DH has a class from 6-9 after school, so we will be on our own
Thursday - Beef Stroganoff - I pretty much use this recipe except that I use ground beef instead of the steak...and I have no idea what cornichons** are...anyone?
Friday - Fish dinners with my parents!

**so I looked up cornichons - why didn't she just say pickles???**


mjenningsdesigns said...

Cause pickles don't sound fancy :-)


Hafsa said...

Yummmmy...where's my invite? lol