Thursday, March 26, 2009

American Idol: Top 10

Here's the idol run-down this week.

1. Matt - I thought he was the best this week, even though everyone was all over Adam. His song was just soooo sexy and he's so soulful & versatile.
2. Adam - Once again, I loved him & he totally redeemed himself after last week's odd (albeit talented) performance. He looked like a cross between Elvis and the Jonas Brothers (the suit!). I loved the falsetto! I was touched by Smokey's standing ovation and how Adam really wanted to get to the story behind the song (tracks of my tears). The "unplugged" version rocked! Wow!
3. Kris - I loved his sweet & simple rendition of How Sweet it Is. I consider myself to be pretty musically versed, so I was shocked to find out that the song was actually a Marvin Gaye tune...I had only ever known the James Taylor version. Kris is a cutie!
4. Allison - I thought her performance was great. It was the perfect song choice for her & I still can't get over the fact that she is only 16, but I do get a little annoyed that she seems a bit cocky (ok, rightfully so), especially how much in disbelief she was last week to be in the bottom 3. I mean, I was shocked, too, but as we know from Chris Daughtry, you're NEVER safe!
5. Danny - Ok, so his dancing was a little corny this time, but it was another solid Danny performance. I was kind of confused, though, how they spent so much time in the pre-song clip, talking about the suggestions that Smokey gave him and then he didn't make the changes anyway.
6. Anoop - another solid performance from Anoop. I loved how it was soft & sweet and we got to see some of his falsetto. Not too much to say, but good job!
7. Lil - I didn't really like her song & I agree completely with the judges when they say that this didn't give her the chance to really show what she could do & she really had her chance to shine this week, but it just didn't work. I felt like she kept falling behind the tempo (as I thought with her song last week).
8. Michael - I think his days are numbered. I said during the song that I felt like he was shouting a lot & they said that during the critique. I agree that he's sort of just playing the waiting game until he gets kicked off, but I love his attitude that he's still one of the top 10 on one of the greatest shows on tv.
9. Megan - That song just wasn't good...I was not impressed, but in general I think she's been overrated for a while...but she was better last week when she was sick, which is really sad.
10. Scott - I thought it was a really bad song choice & I wasn't impressed. I felt like he didn't carry the song well.

Bottom 3: Scott, Megan, Michael

Going home: Michael


Hafsa said...

I agree with all of your critiques, and I love hearing your opinions bc they're always so right on with what happens. Although I liked Adam's performance last week, he's just a strange bird :)