Wednesday, March 18, 2009

American Idol: Top 11

Here's a quick run-down this week so that I can get it in before the results show comes on...

1. Matt - He was really awesome & I think it's so funny how the judges are saying he's like Michael Buble & Justin Timberlake, since I've said both of those before. I also told DH he reminds me of a young Billy Joel. Awesome job this week! I want to see him rock something out soon!
2. Anoop - Wow! He went from second worst to second best for me all in a week! He did an awesome job on that was nice to have the slow pace, but still feel his energy and emotion in the song...I'm not a big Willie fan, so I can say that I definitely took a liking to Anoop's version more than the original.
3. Danny - I loved the SOUL that he brought to his performance tonight. I found it interesting that two GUYS chose to perform Carrie Underwood songs, but they totally did them justice. Way to go, Danny!
4. Allison - the tone of her voice is just amazing and I love how she blew Randy Travis away. I think she chose the perfect song to have a little fun but still show off what she can do!
5. Kris - His song was so soft and sweet. There was nothing huge, but that was what made it memorable - it was tender and all about his vocals. I really enjoyed it!
6. Megan - did a really great job, especially for being sick. I loved her hair, but hated the top part of her dress. I am in love with the tone of her voice, but her inflection was almost too much (the jazzy, scatty kind of sound). The judges didn't comment on that though, so maybe it's just me
7. Alexis - I thought Alexis struggled in her upper register & therefore wasn't as powerful as I would have though she would be. I didn't like her hair and I thought it made her look old. The song could have been a good one, but it just didn't do it for me this week.
8. Adam - As much as I love him, I felt like I was at a 60's orgy...that was just so weird, or as DH put on his notes to me (he watched the show last night), "WTF???" It wasn't that it was BAD, per se, just STRANGE! I liked how Kara put it, "I'm confused, but sort of happy"
9. Michael - I definitely think that Garth was a good pick for Michael, since he definitely has the same husky tone to his voice as Garth, but I think one of Garth's ballads or slower songs would have been the Thunder Rolls or even Rodeo...I did like when he said "Country Music's 'bout havin' some fun!" You go, Michael!
10. Scott - I do agree with Paula (shock of shocks!) that I would like to maybe see Scott out on a stool singing right to the audience. It isn't that he isn't amazing with the piano, but I would like to get that other connection with him...KWIM? Anyone? I thought he sounded good once the tempo of the song picked up.
11. Lil - I do not think this was a good song choice for Lil. Martina is very hard to match & I felt like Lil was often falling behind the tempo of the song. I wasn't really feeling her energy and sort of thought that it fell flat in parts. I wonder if this could be the end of the road.

Bottom 3: Michael, Scott & Lil
Going home: Lil

PS - I love the comments coming in on my Wait! posts! It's definitely giving a lot of perspective...and in many ways shows me how far I've come from my days of being down in the depths...