Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A break from "Wait!" for some Idol

Last year I posted updates & ranked my favorites each week on American Idol and I thought I would do the same this year. The Rocks in My Dryer blog (Shannon) used to have a Mr. Linky up, but I haven't seen it yet this year, so I'll start my own here...maybe if we have any other idol viewers, we could start our own Mr. Linky to link up to YOUR idol chat!

Here is my rank of the evening (I had to watch it this afternoon, actually, because we have bible study on Tuesday nights)
1. Adam - I realize he's an acquired taste for many viewers, but I just love him! I love that he's different and comfortable with who he is! His song was great and his vocals are amazing (and so unique). He's like Pete Wentz (looks) meets Axl Rose (voice)...KWIM? He just came out of nowhere for me, too, because I wasn't nuts about him early-on.
2. Danny - Totally awesome & I loved his moves...I liked when the girls said that his moves were just part of the music, not cheesy dance moves (like, say...Taylor Hicks?). And I love that he loves his church music
3. Matt - I loved him in Hollywood & then he kind of faded for me during the top 36. I thought he got a bit boring & forgettable, but he was HOT this week! What a great voice and I love that little falsetto (Justin Timberlake) thing he's got going :)
4. Allison - She's really cool & at 16, I am totally impressed. The tone of her voice is so developed, you would think she'd been singing (professionally for 20 years)...and I love that she was joking with Simon
5. Michael - I really liked his song choice & I love the emotion that he puts into his songs. I was getting a bit teary by the end of it actually. And he's gotta make the top 5 when he tells Paula & Kara "Yes Ma'am" anytime they ask him a question! :)
6. Alexis - this definitely wasn't her strongest performance but I still really liked it and it was neat to see her rocking it out. She did oversing a bit, as the judges said, but that isn't ALWAYS a bad thing, IMO.
7. Kris - I thought he was "ok." I thought it was interesting because I was taking notes as I was watching it & I wrote "acoustic guitar seems odd in this song" and sure enough, Simon said the same thing. It seems that, if nothing else, his guitar keeps him in his comfort zone, which is fine, but, again, not right for that song.
8. Lil - again, just OK. I liked her song & agreed with Simon that I did not like her outfit...I thought she started the show off's just that I saw lots of other good ones after her!
9. Megan - WOW! What an interesting song choice...I guess that's part of her personality though...quirky & always keeps you guessing. I still love her voice & definitely don't think she's a bad singer, but her song choice tonight was just WAY OFF. And it surprises me that she's being touted on Vote for the Worst this week...I swear, that site promotes the middle-of-the-road singers so that they can feel better about themselves, rather than actually promoting the worst singer...which really WAS NOT Megan.
10. Jasmine - I love the control of her voice, but I agree that she tends to go a bit robotic. She's great for being so young, but unfortunately, the only thing I remember about her is how cute she looked & not what she sang...
11. Scott - I love him & I thought he sounded good. I loved that he played the piano on a song that he just learned this week. Unfortunately for Scott, however, he misses out on the opportunity to connect with his audience by physically getting into the music which, as we know, is such a huge part of the Idol performance experience...I just hope he can stick around for at least another week!
12. Anoop - I did not expect that song from him at all & I am really disappointed because I was rooting for him...He said about wanting to pick a more energetic song, but I think he assumed that an up-tempo song would automatically create more energy on the stage...I just wasn't feelin' it Anoop Dogg :(
13. Jorge - I know the language thing is an issue for him & I was really excited for him to make it into the top 12/13, but that just wasn't the right Simon would say, "I felt like I was on a cruise ship."

Going home predictions: Anoop & Jorge


Nichole said...

I love this idea kind of an Idol recap! Thanks for posting - FWIW - I agree with your predictions!

Kara said...

That's exactly who I think is going home, too!

Megan said...

Somehow I am watching Idol this year. I NEVER watch Idol. Matt got into it and then got me into it. I like Danny, Kris and Alexis. I do like Adam but he does seem a bit theatrical and overpolished - but he is good.

Dawn said...

BooMama does an Idol recap every week and she's SUPER funny. She usually puts up a Mr. Linky too so that others can contribute their thoughts.

Dawn said...

Oh, and I thought Anoop and Jorge were gonna get eliminated too. Who do you think it's gonna be this week? I'm thinking Scott or Michael, or maybe Alexis.