Thursday, June 26, 2008

Whew! It's been a while!

I haven't posted in quite a few days (almost 2 weeks!) and it seems long overdue that I update. Things have been busy here, to put it mildly. G finished up school on the 16th and we left that night to go up to central PA to go camping with my parents and my two cousins. We camped from the 17th-20th (and still had fun despite the 40 degree nights and cold days) & then came back late on the 20th because Gregg had a football reunion picnic with his high school championship team on the 21st. That was pretty fun. I had to work Monday through Wednesday of this week & then today, we helped a friend move out of her apartment. Somehow, it took us longer to move her out of her apartment than it took us to move all of our stuff (and we have a TON) out of our house and it took us four trips, to her one! I don't know how it took us so long! Anyway, tonight, we're leaving for the shore & then on Monday morning, we leave for Disney!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!

I'll leave you with a list of fun camping memories that my cousin, Jenna came up with, as well as the movie that DH made of our trip...enjoy!

Here are some highlights of the camping trip...

  • Downloading (lots)
  • A butt stamped on Gregg's face
  • Butt friends
  • Gregg almost dying from a smiley
  • Beavers
  • A huge raccoon
  • Scary skunks
  • It's too late to 'pologize
  • The cold temperature
  • Gregg's naughty mad lib
  • Frisbee (Hitting Jenna in the balls)
  • Shay and her constant crying
  • Old guy who was amazing at redneck golf
  • Feeding birds
  • Talking showers
  • Walking with Aunt Chris to the bathrooms in the dark
  • Michelle flirting with the maintenance man
  • Buzz Word
  • Teri wanting to play Skip-bo every minute
  • Gregg and his disgusting long john farts
  • Gregg being a butt head about Phase Ten
  • Gregg drinking Teri's "pee"
  • Gregg, Jenna, and Michelle dancing on the amphitheater stage
  • Gregg and Jenna running to the bathroom in the torrential downpour
  • "Jenna we're neighbors!!"
  • The camping sign
PS - I wish I had time to write out and explain all of the "private jokes" on most of these items on the list...let me know if there are any that intrigue you & I'll be sure to blog about them!! :)


Hafsa said...

Yay! You're back :)

I wanna know about the butt stamp and butt friends...what's that about? Oh and talking showers?


Teri said...
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Teri said...
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Elizabeth said...

hahaha...long-john-farts...that w/o the inside joke makes me laugh!

Ter said...

well, you're just going to have to explain it all. lol. ;)

and guess what? I loooove skip-bo, we'd have fun if we ever met!