Friday, June 06, 2008

Top Ten

Top Ten signs you know you're moving...
1. You start out packing into nice, neat organized boxes, but eventually you get so tired of it that you see nothing wrong with putting an alarm clock, a jewelry box, towels, flip flops, and toilet bowl cleaner all in the same box.
2. You (oops!) leave the inside entrance to the garage open and suddenly find yourself on your hands and knees, attempting to lure your cat out from under your car with catnip (ok, so that one isn't really a sign of moving, but I thought it was a funny story anyway...)
3. Practically every square inch of your home is covered in boxes
4. Practically everything you've ever owned is packed into boxes
5. Your cat is bewildered and spends approximately 90% of her time huddled under the bed
6. You painfully part with $600 to put dead-bolts on your doors, to bring it "up to code" according to new area regulations, knowing full-well that your dad could have done it for about $80 if you had a bit more advance notice.
7. You live out of a suitcase for a week and a half, quickly remembering that you needed (insert random toiletry item here), but it's already boxed up and sitting somewhere at your in-laws' house.
8. You ate a Betty Crocker mini Warm Delights (for lunch) with a plastic knife because all of your real silverware is packed away.
9. You lived on PB&J for a week because you didn't want to buy any perishables
10. You have one of these in your front yard


Hafsa said...

super funny and oh how I can relate to the madness. I'm even nervous about transporting our cat from the old house to our new one since she absolutely hates the car. I think our pup will do fine. I can't wait to see pictures of the new house. Perhaps I'll post a top ten signs of moving and we'll compare :)


Megan said...

I hope the move goes well and someone snatches up your place quickly! I prob. should go back and read another post, but are you staying wiht the in laws until you find a place, or have you found a place and are waiting until closing to move in? I'm sure I knew at one point and just am forgetting! Sorry!

Amy said...

Best wishes with the moving! :) When we moved a few years ago, our cats quickly staked out their new territory within a few rooms of the house. One ran all around, and the other stuck with one or two rooms for a while, but they both adjusted pretty well.

Thanks for your kind comments about my cooking blog. I most likely will keep it as it is, just take a few weeks off from updating it regularly. I'm happy to hear that you've found some recipes you enjoyed on there! :)

Ter said...


Janey said...

Thank you for number one of your "Top Ten signs you know you're moving".
I thought it was just me who did that. (And I remember thinking, "I'll sort it when I get there.")

Mind you, I had started out with packing the items from corners of rooms into containers (e.g. a box labelled: "behind kitchen table - left-hand side"). Perhaps I was thinking I was going to move to an exact replica of the place I was moving from?
In reality, it was from a one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom house.