Friday, June 06, 2008

Great giveaway!

Shannon at Rocks In My Dryer is hosting an awesome giveaway. Twenty lucky bloggers will each win a boxed set of 17 cds from WOW Hits 1! Cool! Go check it out!


Becky said...

Hi Teri,
I found your blog thru the contest at RIMD.
I know where you are....infertile for 7 years.......we tried all we could, short of IVF which we couldn't afford. We've been parents for 8, 2 beautiful kids, thru domestic adoption.
I understand every tearful, painful thing that you are going thru and I am so sorry!
Another thing in commmon, I taught school full time until becoming a mom and have taught part time preshool at our church since then.
Hang in there! I don't know what God's plan for you is but, I know He has one and it's only with your best interest in mind!
Visit my blog if you'd like!
Becky @ 4 Days in a Week