Friday, June 13, 2008

Good-bye 301 W 6th St (aka - we're homeless)!

With all of the commotion, I haven't had the chance to come on and write much (the meme was about all I could handle), but it must be done. I need to bid farewell to the home that's been Home Sweet Home for the first 4 years of our life as husband and wife.

It's been a good home to us...

  • even if we did have to get the NEW air conditioner fixed every SINGLE year that we have been there.
  • even though the crappy builder's-issue paint on the walls would scrub off down to the drywall if you tried washing the walls down or wiping off a scuff mark
  • even if we did have to see our fire-fighting bachelor neighbor sunbathe himself semi-weekly on his back porch
  • even though our loft/office was known to be about 95 degrees in the summer despite our central air
Wow - that didn't sound like it's been a good home to us...let's try again...
  • It's the home where we sat on the living room floor and opened up all of our wedding gifts the day that we arrived home from our honeymoon
  • It's the home where we've shared all of our heartaches and shattered dreams TOGETHER on this crazy road of infertility
  • It's the home where we've hosted many'a game night for friends
  • It's the place we've called home TOGETHER, where I was carried over the threshold when we returned home from our honeymoon.
Sunday was a sad, but bittersweet day for us. Our WONDERFUL friends (people from G's work and our church, plus family) rallied together (on the hottest day of the year so far) to move everything out of our house. It is honestly amazing how much stuff 2 people (and a cat) can accumulate in four years. I mean, our house wasn't overly-cluttered or heavily furnished and we're not pack rats by any stretch of the imagination, so we kind of couldn't believe our eyes when it took FOUR trips with the U-haul to get everything into G's parents' barn, aka second garage (thank God we didn't have to rent storage!). And it was jam-packed every time! It shouldn't have surprised us too much, though, considering that we had 19 boxes of JUST BOOKS on the bookshelves in our loft alone...but, we are teachers, after all! After the moving was over, G's parents hosted a cookout at their house (aka our new home). They have a pool, as well, which was a HUGE blessing on a 95+ degree day! Enjoy the pictures! I'll probably post another entry later today if I get a chance!

Moving Day Pictures

You will be missed, 301...onto bigger dreams.


Tina623 said...

You're leaving so many great memories but think of all the new ones you are going to make in your new home :). I'm so jealous of the pool!

Candi said...

Ughhh. I HATE moving. I've done my fair share of it, too. We moved in 2003, 2005, and 2007 (those are the most recent ones). Mostly all by ourselves except for 2007. We hired help, but they did such a horrible job packing the U-haul that after we got to our new home and they unloaded it, we had to go back and load the rest of it on our own!! Not the easiest thing to do with two kids!!

Ter said...

it looks like such a nice home... but that means your new one must be even better! :)

Hafsa said...

When is the big move into the new home? Your old home is beautiful by the way. 19 boxes of books, that's impressive my husband would be jealous. I think we only filled up 10 boxes worth of books ;)

Megan said...

You have good friends and family - and it looks like everyone had fun (at least afterwards in the pool)!