Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What a whirlwind week?!?!

This past week has been one jumbled blur! We've slowly been packing up our house for our expected June 13th move-out, even though we hadn't gotten final confirmation from our realtor that the buyers' mortgage proposal had been approved. The house had to be inspected, as per their realtor's request, even though it is only 4 years old, and then it needed to be appraised since the new buyer is a veteran & is using veterans' assistance to buy the house...it needed to appraise for at least the sale price or his loan through the VA wouldn't be approved! Well, praise God, we found out on Sunday that not only was the loan approved, but they were wondering if we could move settlement up to the 10th...as in this coming Wednesday! So, needless to say, we've been scrambling to get the house packed up and everything we think we will need over the course of the next 4 months, shoved into college-student SIL's room (aka our new room) at my IL's house. They did also clean off their sun porch, so that DH & I could have a place to keep our computers set up, keep our cat (she isn't much for other people or animals), and have some privacy...well, as much privacy as you can get on a sun porch, anyway...a sun porch that is right off of FIL's study...I guess there'll be no late-night snogging going on on the sun porch ;) hehe

I've also still been working, but only part time, so that has been nice, albeit aggravating. To put it mildly, I have had it up *to here* with the after school kids...I told them today that if I had a dime for everytime I heard someone say "but that's not fair" while they were playing with each other the past few days, I would be a millionaire. They are all just getting on each other's nerves and simply ready for school to be over with. I have work tomorrow, then I'm off Thursday (for our niece's preschool graduation & birthday party in NJ) and I'm off on Friday (because we're leaving as soon as G gets home to go to my parents' house for a quick weekend trip). Next week, I work Monday through Thursday, and then I'm off for a while as I'm only filling in for co-workers who are on vacation..I CAN.NOT.WAIT!
Countdown to the big move: 5 days
Countdown to the shore trip w/ DH's coworker friends: 10 days
Countdown to the camping trip w/ my parents: 14 days
Countdown to the Disney trip w/ DH's parents: 25 days

Have a super summer!!!!!!!!!!!


Ter said...

Wow, looks like you've been busy and that you're going to keep being busy for a while now! At least all in good fun! :)

Sorry that your hubby won't try some new salads. I've got a few favorties that I make at home, but I need more so I can eat salad on a more regular basis now that farmer's market season is almost here! Check back soon, I'll be posting a few recipes in the next week or so to try this summer!

Kara said...

We are living in very similar worlds! Only, I have 23 days until my Disney trip. HAHAHA. :) Our closing date for our house was supposed to be June 17, but I was talking to the buyer's mom yesterday and she said the lady doesn't get her money until July 1... Well, we certainly can't buy the new house until we have the money from THIS house, and July 1 we will be in Disney World, and won't be back in town until the 8th... Ugh. Not sure why the buyer's realtor doesn't know she won't have money unti July 1, her realtor was the one that told us that closing was the 17th! I'd rather not have to pack my house up and leave it here, and then move the day we get back from Florida!!!

But at least we don't have to move in with my in-laws- we did that the last time we moved. :)

Sorry for ranting. I just thought it was funny how similar our lives are right now! :)

Anonymous said...

Goodness! You are a busy lady! Countdown til we leave on our vaca: 26 hours...woo hoo! ;-)

Hafsa said...

Congrats on the move! We're pretty much in the same boat with moving as you guys...except we don't have to stay with in-laws...but our new house is right next door to the IL's :)

Erica said...

My goodness what a busy month you have! I'm overwhelmed just reading about it.