Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Vacations, the house, jury duty & the doctor's office

We officially returned home from our Disney vacation on Saturday night. We flew into Atlantic City & then drove out to the IL's shore house to pick up my car, where it had been for the week since we had been there for SIL's engagement party the previous Saturday. We then drove to DH's friend's apartment (who went with us to Disney) to drop him off & we finally made it back to the IL's house (our temporary housing) around 2:30AM. We succeeded in scaring the be-jeezers out of the house-sitters & then fell into bed around 3AM. We set our alarm for 8:30 & headed out to central PA to go to my parents' house for their Independence Day celebration (on the 6th instead of the 4th). We got there with just enough time to spare so that we could both get showered & I could inject the second turkey with marinade before it was deep fried, because my mom hates that job. By the way, if you have never experienced deep fried turkey, please go out of your way to do so. I can guarantee that it is NOTHING like you expect (not greasy and gross at all) & super moist & full of flavor - even the white meat - which is not typically the case with turkey. There was so much food, and I didn't even make any myself, which I usually do, since we were short on time! Besides the turkey, we had deep fried potato wedges (made in the same way as the turkey), potato salad, 3 pasta salads, deviled eggs, cornbread casserole, crock pot baked beans, fruit salad...and then a million desserts...cherry crisp w/ home grown cherries, blueberry cheesecake, apple pie, chocolate brownies, pineapple popsicles and more things that I'm sure I'm forgetting. Let's just say that after a week of vacation-eating in Disney & then this...I definitely need to use the wii fit for at least an hour or so tomorrow...and the next day, and every subsequent day for the next 4 years or thereabouts.

In other news, some of you may recall my rants a few posts back about having horrible luck in the fertility world...not only did IVF attempt #3 not pan out, but then I had to wait 2 ridiculous months for a follow-up, which would surely take no more than 5 minutes, which THEN had to be cancelled/postponed due to being summoned for jury duty. WELL...last night, I logged on to the court house's website to find out if I did have to report for jury duty & I discovered that I did not. We decided to stay at my parents' house one extra night since I no longer had to be back this morning, but I kicked myself all night last night for making the wrong decision concerning the doctor's appt. and jury duty. What I should have done, I told myself, was not tell the doctor's office about the jury duty until I knew for sure what was going on & then I could have still had my doctor's appointment this morning, since I didn't end up having jury duty. They certainly couldn't penalize me for upholding my civic duty, after all, if I did have to cancel last-minute. Well, DH & I get home this afternoon & I go check the messages on the answering machine & what do I hear? Lo & behold, it's a message reminding me of my appt. with the RE for THIS MORNING at 8:15!!! I was SOOOOO upset, because I specifically called them to postpone the appt since I assumed that I wouldn't be able to be there due to the jury duty. They told me that they would put me on the waiting list, which they obviously never did...so I called them and KINDLY told them of their mistake & magically, I only have to wait another 2 weeks for an appointment instead of the month or more that I was originally quoted when I told them that I would need to reschedule in the first place! Just add this to the list of frustrations with my doctor's office...they are well aware that we're seeking another opinion because I asked for updated copies of my records, as well as DH's & I'll be calling the new doctor's office tomorrow to get the ball rolling on a consultation there & hopefully we'll become patients very soon.

And finally, the house...we've got appointments this week for choosing the flooring (tomorrow), the kitchen options (Thursday) and the design options (Saturday). I'm excited, but also nervous, since I'm not known for my interior design know-how & I am so worried about making wrong decisions that are so permanent. So far, we know that we are only upgrading the carpet in the living room & I'm thinking of going with a nice neutral dark tan/light brown, since we think we are going to model the living room color scheme around a chair that we got from DH's parents, which is tan, navy & maroon plaid. We are hoping to get a navy, leather sectional & then I might do maroon accents and light tan walls...ok, someone out there, tell me how that sounds?? What color window coverings would you do with that? Would dark brown end tables and credenza be ok? It's a very open space, which leads into the kitchen & breakfast nook, so I'm not worried about it being too dark or anything, which I don't think it would be anyway... We are planning on doing an oak-finish hardwood in the foyer (since the bannister, etc is that color) and then possibly a cherry finish in the dining room (thinking about buying this set for each other for Christmas). We'll also be picking the vinyl flooring for the bathrooms & the laundry room, which will just be the basic stuff - nothing fancy there. I would love ideas if you've got any! I'll give more house updates & maybe put in the builder's sketches as we receive them!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!


Megan said...

Ooooh - I love picking out colors and stuff like that - I'd gladly come up and help! Seriously! I'd live vicariously through you since our plans to build on have been scrapped and I don't imagine we'll ever buy new construction.
Wow - that fourth of july celebration was serious - that food sounded delicious. I love picnics and all the yummy food you get to eat all at once!
Glad you're back - hope the trip was great,

Nichole said...

Sounds like you are having a very busy summer! You guys really go all out for the 4th! Sounds like lots of fun and lots of great food!