Thursday, July 10, 2008

decisions, decisions...

The past two days have been filled with decisions...more decisions than I've probably made in the last year of my life actually...and for an indecisive person by nature, let's just say it's been tough. It's not that I don't LIKE making decisions or having an opinion, but rather that I am constantly second-guessing myself and worrying about committing to something that is so permanent. And, since I've already mentioned that interior design just isn't my forte, you can imagine how much that added to my "I-don't-know-ometer" in the last couple of days. I think the hardest part of making these decisions is that we've had a tough time visualizing the layout of the home & what will be going where. It makes it rather difficult to choose things for a home that you don't really know yet, you know? That said, we've tried to go pretty neutral with all of the different things that we've chosen so far, figuring that we can add color through accessories, window treatments & wall colors at a later date. Please let me know what you think!!

dining room & foyer hardwood (kind of an in-between shade - not as light as a standard oak, but not as dark as a cherry):
carpeting in family room:
it's a frieze called almond, it's a light tan with flecks in it - it looks similar to this (maybe a little darker)
carpeting in the rest of the house will just be a standard beige similar to this:
vinyl in bathrooms & laundry room: looks similar to this, but it isn't in 12x12 squares. I picked it because it was the vinyl that most closely resembled actual tile & grout

Here are our cabinets - the above-the-counter ones will have the same arch & the bottom ones will be rectangular on the inside, but this is the same finish we chose:
We just got a white-marbled counter-top for the vanities & tubs

We still have yet to choose the appliance color (tell me what you would do based on the granite and cabinet colors) & the tile flooring for the kitchen, so input on either of those would be appreciated!


Hafsa said...

I would do black appliances based on what the kitchen would look like. I've always thought dark colors with granite. I can't wait to see pictures!