Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday

I've never done a WFMW before, so I thought I might give it a shot. In his quest to lose 20lbs by summer, I was on G's case a little bit about keeping track of what he's isn't so much that he eats JUNK (because honestly, I make the meals, so I know that's not true & I don't really buy junky snack foods either), but more so that he doesn't really think about what he's putting in his mouth & he doesn't know how bad some foods actually are for you! He stumbled across this website, called FitDay, which helps both of us keep track of our caloric & fat intakes & simultaneously compare them with our exercise & an approximation of what our bodies burn naturally according to our metabolisms. You can even input your weight goal & a goal date & it will tell you how much you need to lose per week in order to meet that goal. It's pretty awesome, totally free & IT WORKS FOR ME (us!)!


Wifey said...

I use fitday too, and I love it!

Playful Professional said... (Self Magazine) does the same thing, and I love it! It also has great recipes and exercise ideas!

CC said...

Cool! I just got a link for a free years subscription of Fitness magazine if you are interested. BTW: I'm an infertility "survivor" and mom through adoption if you ever want to talk!