Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bloggie contests

Since I've won a couple of things, I've officially been bitten by the bloggie contest bug. I entered a few yesterday through another giveaway carnival- this one is called One World, One Heart, and the giveaways end on Valentine's Day. Some of the stuff was a bit too artsy-fartsy for my tastes, but I can honestly say that I appreciate the talents that God has given all of those wonderful artists! **let me add a disclaimer since I certainly wouldn't want anyone to think I was being judgmental...I am totally into people expressing themselves through art, but unless it has some function in my home or for a specific loved one, I didn't enter the contest, because it would be better enjoyed by someone else. That's all! I'm on a quest to declutter my life! Honest!

I've also found some awesome giveaways on Momsational. I told them I'd give them a little plug for all of their fantabulous contests, so here it is! I hope you'll go by and check it out...and I hope they're ok with me entering, even though I'm not yet a Mommy...heaven only knows that it's never too early to start a baby stash!! I would love to win the car-seat system!

There is also a giveaway on Sassyfrazz's website, which I also just entered! Cool stuff! I love these contests, but they're probably not the best use of my time, so I'll really have to limit myself!!!

Ok - maybe I'll do another post later today! I just wanted to throw those out there! :)


I'm Toni said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my quilled cardinal.
artsy-fartsy? please! These artists have spent hours on thses pieces and are very generously offering them in their give-aways.
You would be lucky to own anything from any of these talented artists.

I'm Toni said...

I guess my earlier comment didn't meet with your approval...
I came back to thank you for coming back and explaining. I'm normally not a confrontational type, I walk away, but I can't stand that artsy-fartsy word, anyway, and I'm very sensitive about my art and my friends' art, because we work hard and we don't make enough money to live on.
I don't know why I'm bothering to write this because you're going to moderate it out. You don't have the nerve to let my comments be seen, so never mind...

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

Well, Well, Well.
I understand ~=D

I appreciate your stopping in! It takes all kinds to make this big world go round. God makes us unique and in his image~