Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Crazy Preschoolers

I love little kids. I love their cuteness, their innocence and their honesty...but most of all, I love the things they was my day - don't you wish you were me?...(cast of Characters: Me, B (girl), and L (boy)

9:25AM - the kids had just finished their morning seat work. We did the pledge to the flag and bowed our heads for our "Quiet Happy Time with God" - B told me that we needed to keep her mom in our thoughts because she had just had surgery and just came home from the doctor...ok, that was super sweet and we prayed for her.

10:30 - During a discussion of the letter Uu and telling time to the hour, B feels the need to again remind us of her mom's surgery (she's got a knack for relevance, huh?). I made the mistake of asking her what kind of surgery it was, to which B replied..."Well, you know the surgery that people have when they get all the fat sucked out of their bellies? That's what my mom had"

...well...I bet your mom is SOOOOO happy that you shared that information with us...Again, I reiterate, "Well, we will definitely keep her in our thoughts and prayers" Ok, note to self...never ask a question if you aren't sure you want to hear the answer...

11:30 - Dismissal time - it's just me, B & L waiting for their parents (or babysitters) to come pick them up. B says, "Hey Mrs. S, you know my mom's surgery? She didn't just get the fat sucked out of her tummy, she got it sucked out of her boobies, too" to which L replied, "Whoa - one time I saw my mom take off her boobies!"

Ok...I'm trying to be the mature adult here, but stifling a laugh was probably the hardest thing I did today. So I say something to the effect of, ", your mom did not take them off because they don't come off, but we're not talking about this anymore because that is something private and we don't talk about things like that at school."

The moral of the what you do and say in front of your never know what lovely tidbits they're sharing with their preschool teacher...


Hafsa said...

I'll relate to that haha. It is always an adventure.