Wednesday, February 27, 2008

American Idol - Top 10 Boys

I've decided to start a weekly blog on American Idol, since it is my one and only true obsession, aside from you know, getting pregnant or something like that... I'll tell you who I love, who I hate and who probably could have done better....let's begin!

I'll start with the best and work my way down because I might just not make it to the end if I have to go through nine other guys to get to DAVID ARCHULETA!!! He is just so talented and adorable, so let's start there, shall we?
1. David Archuleta - he's totally getting my vote for the guys, hands down, every week. I picked him to win at Hollywood & I don't think he'll disappoint. Check him out on youtube with his version of A Thousand Miles. Oh.My.Gosh - it's amazing! And I know I sound like a babbling little school-girl, but he's just that good...really.

And then there's all the other guys - THE END!

Ok, well because you decided to pop over and give me a little of your time & actually READ my blog, I can't really do that to you & leave you hanging, so the rest of the guys just get my abbreviated version. Keep in mind that this is the way I would rank them based on this week's performances alone...not factoring in previous weeks.
2.Chickeze - I didn't like his song last week & I really didn't like the suit, but this week, he rocked!
3. David Cook - He's cool & I liked his song choice yesterday...I don't know what Simon's problem was with him (I'm a big defender of Simon in most cases)...DH thinks that he just got under Simon's skin, which most ppl can't do...I don't know, though. I hope he sticks around.
4. David Hernandez - I didn't like the song, but he's got a great voice...and he's a gymnast! Go figure!
5. Robbie - they think he's not a rocker, but I really liked his version of Hot didn't have the same "Foreigner" vibe to it, but then again, David A's song didn't really sound like John Lennon's original either. I thought they were too hard on him.
6. Jason Castro - he was our 2nd favorite last week, but didn't do so great this time. I agree that he can't hide behind his guitar forever, but I didn't see how it didn't work for him yesterday.
7. Michael - I like him, but his song choice this week wasn't good...or at least he needed to bring it down a step or two so that he didn't sound like he was straining...he'll still be safe.
8. Danny - good singer, but, ahem...too feminine for my tastes, KWIM? If you can watch the end of last night's show again, notice how all the men are clapping in their big, manly slaps & he is jumping up and down like he's a cheerleader at a football game...ok, I know, that has nothing to do with his singing ability, but he drives me crazy!
9. Luke* - he's in an acapella boy-band? Hmmm...I just haven't been impressed so far. His voice sounds very whiny & my opinion, Queen is too stylistic & shouldn't be sung unless they're forcing you to (remember Queen week a few years ago on AI?).
10. Jason Yeager* - forgettable...I can't even remember anything about him...except that he has a son who sits in the audience boo-ing Simon.

* - my predictions for going home this week! Check back tomorrow for a Top 10 Girls update!


Hafsa said...

I totally agree with you about Danny. Waaay too feminine, it's actually pretty annoying. I do like his haircut though...maybe because it's a woman's haircut? Agreeing with Simon: he does look good on the camera though.