Friday, July 31, 2009

No news...

For once, I can actually say that this time around, no news is good news! Yesterday morning, we got the call that we had been pushed out to have a day 5 (or possibly day 6) transfer! Basically, that meant that on day 3, our embies were still dividing (some taper off by this point, or at times, there aren't enough viable ones to warrant waiting an extra two days to transfer the best ones). Being pushed out to day 5 allows the embryologists to determine which ones are really the "rock star embryos" (aka better quality), which would have a greater chance of becoming a viable pregnancy. Sooooo, in other words, we wait...they'll call me tomorrow morning sometime to let us know if we need to come in tomorrow afternoon or if we wait until Sunday.

It's been kind of annoying to wait since MONDAY, but I know that this is the good kind of waiting, so I'm trying to be patient. I went to work in my classroom a couple of times to keep myself occupied. I set up all my bulletin boards (maybe I'll post some pics soon) since it wouldn't be such a great idea to stand up on chairs and tables in the next two weeks. I've also been catching up on some housework. I vacuumed & mopped & cleaned all of the bedding...AND I got 5 lesson plans done for my grad class (moms of preschoolers/kindergartners, or teachers, leave me a comment if you want me to send you the lessons for fun game ideas!)! See? I can be productive when I want to!

I also made Candi's spaetzle to go with dinner (leftovers) tonight & it was awesome! I could have eaten the whole bowl & between the two of us, we almost did! Check it out! Yum!

Keep those prayers rolling in! I'll keep you posted!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Been checking in all day - thanks for the update. We're still praying - and waiting and hoping right along with you guys!

Ter said...

great (no) news! :)

Candi said...

Glad you enjoyed the spaetzle. We love it!

I've been checking in here for updates. I'm sure it is hard to wait.

I'd love for you to send me the lesson plans.

I've got to get my notice of intent to homeschool ready to go, as it has to be turned in by August 15th. I'm anxious to get things organized to start the new year!

Mama Razzi said...

Teri, I am a lurker...there it's out in the open now ;-) So now that I have made my grand confession, how about I introduce myself! My name is Ann and I blog at MamaRazzi, feel free to head over...I just wanted to tell you that you have been on my heart all week and that I have been checking for an update all weekend! :-) Hang in there girl and hooray for "good" waiting!!