Monday, July 20, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I should have just attached this to yesterday's post since I pretty much know what we'll (we?? I mean, I'll) be making anyway, but here goes... (PS - if you're visiting here from OrgJunkie, please read my last post & pray for us!! Thank you!!). You'll see a lot of repeat recipes from last week because we just never ended up getting to a few of them (other things came up, etc) & recipes got shifted around to different days.

Sunday -
Stromboli, peas, oven-roasted zucchini & fresh pineapple
- leftovers (stromboli, enchiladas - don't worry we didn't end up having them until later last week than we had planned, so they're not old & gross!)
Tuesday - Grilled Coconut Chicken
Wednesday - Pot Roast in the Crock pot (Just coat the meat with a packet of Lipton Onion Soup mix, pour a bit of beef broth in the bottom & throw in some chunks of celery, carrots, potatoes & onions...I'll put the leftover meat & juices in the freezer to make vegetable soup next week!)
Thursday - Going out for Japanese Hibachi for our anniversary!!!
Friday - Our Anniversary!! Hopefully going to the shore for a few days!!


Tridentine Wife said...

ummm the pot roast sounds really good!

Candi said...

Be sure to let me know how that chicken turns out.

After going back and reading the recipe, I noticed it says to grill it. We don't have a grill, but I think we'll give it a try anyway.

Becca said...

Happy Anniversary!!!