Monday, July 20, 2009

Rock-star ovaries & some pics!

Not only is B an angel, but apparently she's got rock-star ovaries, as well! At her first follicle check today, they found 17 follies moving & grooving in there! We are ecstatic to say the least! I go back tomorrow for more u/s & b/w. I emailed the nurse about having my TSH checked since I've been on thyroid meds since December or so & I wanted to make sure that my levels are ok at the time of transfer (since TSH abnormalities are linked with early miscarriage). She noted that my levels haven't been checked since February & that she would add it to my bloodwork order tomorrow. She did say that they would monitor it very closely after a positive pregnancy test, but I don't want to wait that long to make sure that everything is ok...there is just way too much riding on this & I know I would hate myself if I didn't try and make sure everything was as perfect as it can be, come time for transfer!

And since I obviously forgot to do this last week, here are some pics from last weekend's wedding!! We had a great time dancing the night away!

First, Jenna & I getting the centerpieces ready, moments before the ceremony started!

Michelle & Jenna (my cousins) with their significant others, with G & I

Gregg hanging out with his two favorite girls after the ceremony!
Jenna & me hanging out waiting for more post-ceremony pics (would you ever know we're 11 years apart in age??)
The Happy Couple!!

Dancing the night away!

PS - this is my 200th post!! AMAZING! Thanks to those who've stuck with me through thick and thin!


Ter said...

every time i see a photo of you I'm shocked because you're so young!

Danielle said...

Great pics! Hoping your TSH comes back with a good number!!

Melissa said...

Based on the title I was expecting to see a picture if the rockstar ovaries.
You and your cousin look great I can't figure out who is older.

Teri said...

LOL that's what I like to hear, Melissa! I'm 29 and she's 18 :)

Anonymous said...

such pretty dresses! and u 2 make a gorgeous couple!
hope all goes well

Kara said...

Love the dresses! They are pretty!!

Candi said...

How exciting, Teri! Do you know when the transfer should take place?

Teri said...

Not yet! It could be as early as Sunday! We'll have a better idea tomorrow when B goes for her ultrasound!