Thursday, February 19, 2009

What do YOU need?

This is a really funny meme of sorts. Type your first name and then the word "needs" into Google and post the first ten things that come up! I'll warn you that a few of these are not G warned!

Here's mine...along with a few comments from yours truly.

1. Teri create a no-close-up-unless-an-army-of-photoshop-assistants-are-within-50m clause in her contract (OUCH!)
2. Teri needs..saving
3. Teri be saved from her own d**n self!
4. Teri needs..the toilet (umm...ok?)
5. Teri seriously look at its current strength and capacity to meet the challenges of the future (Wow! You can say that again!)
6. Teri needs..some problem-free **censored**, and I think I've found a way for her to get some (YIKES!)
7. Teri sound like a normal twelve year old advice giver! Not to be pushy.
8. Teri needs..make-up (alright already!)
9. Teri shoes; hers got ruined from accident
10. Teri needs..therapy (NIIIICEEEE!!!)

Try this out & post it to your blog - if you're reading this, consider yourself tagged!


Ter said...

Wow, Do I need all those things too? I spell my name with 2 r's but that shouldn't matter...!! lol ;)

(p.s. check out my blog today! I'm having a giveaway!)

Anonymous said...

LOL! Love number #10! ;-) Don't we all!