Monday, February 23, 2009

Rite-Aid Savings!!!

My bloggy friend, Amy (check it out! She's got a coupon giveaway going on!), has blogged about her awesome trips to CVS from time-to-time where she spends a few dollars out-of-pocket and winds up with A TON of stuff, thanks to store coupons, ECB (extra care bucks) and manufacturer's coupons. I thought I would do something to make her proud, after scouring the sale flyers & registering for their online rebate program, I made my way over to Rite-Aid (it's the first time I've been to the one in our town, despite the fact that it's been there for over a year) with my coupons in hand!

I ended up buying the following items (I'll post a pic later, don't worry!): 10 Soy Joy bars, 1 pkg Stayfree feminine products, 2 packages of Big Red gum & 1 can Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves styling mousse. And here's the breakdown...

Soy Joy - regularly $1.39ea, on sale for $.50 each, plus I had 2 coupons for $1 off of 4, and another coupon for buy one, get one free (check the math! That adds up to 10 bars). For their in-store rebate program, they are paying you back $5 if you buy 10 bars! That means that once I get my rebate back, they will actually pay me $2.50 to take those 10 bars off their hands!
Stayfree pads - regularly $3.99, on sale for $2.99, plus a $1 in-store coupon & a $1 manufacturer's total spent, $.99!
Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves Mousse - regularly $4.39, on sale for $2.99 & a single check rebate for $2.99 which makes this mousse FREE!
Wrigley Big Red Gum - I went into the store not knowing that they were having BOGO on this, so it worked out doubly well for me! Regular price is $1.29. I had a coupon for a free package, so I had only planned on getting that one package, then I noticed that they were BOGO, so I ended up getting 2 packages for completely FREE!

My total bill at the store was $6.66 for $24.86 worth of merchandise. My rebate check will be for the amount of $7.99, meaning I will actually be making a profit of $1.33 on this shopping trip! Savings like this literally give me a high! Who needs drugs????

And I did forget to pick up one thing (that I did have on my list, but of course didn't re-check), which was their Zilactin mouth sore ointment which is also free after the single check rebate, so I will be heading back tomorrow to pick that up!

So....can you beat that?? I would love to hear your stories!
PS - find out more about Rite-Aid, CVS and other savings programs at The Freebie Blogger


Amy said...

Whoo hoo!!! Way to go!! Isn't it a rush to come home with super bargains? :)

OK, now you've got me wondering if I should venture to the Rite Aid about fifteen minutes away from my house... CVS and Walgreen's didn't have anything good for me this week. ;) I love the Soy Joy bars, so I'm thinking it might be worth the trip.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, good for you! I am a coupon person myself and learning the whole thing with our CVS. (i have issues with rite-aid, don't ask)
You go girl!

Candi said...

That's great! I love good deals!! Why, just last night while at the mall and getting cupcakes from Cake Love, I made sure to make my boys choose one with choc. in it because any with choc. were 20% off....LOL!