Saturday, February 21, 2009

Procrastination creates a productive day

Have you ever had to do a task that you just kept putting off and putting off, finding a multitude of other (often less-important) things to do instead? Other things, all of which under normal circumstances would be the same things that you would be putting off in order to do some even less important task? Well...guess who's been-there & done-that today? You guessed it! ME!

The day started with G & I sleeping in. He got up & before long, left to go watch a hockey game with his friend & I started cleaning the house. I vacuumed all of the carpets, then I vacuumed all of the baseboards. I did 2 loads of laundry & cleaned the hardwood floors. I organized my closet & got rid of a small bag of stuff. I talked to my mom online & made myself grilled cheese & tomato soup for lunch...I pretty much did it all (ok, so even my procrastination couldn't make me work out...but I digress)...

That is except for working on my job applications. I'm just having the hardest time getting started on these. It is SUCH a huge undertaking with everything that you have to do now. Everyone is going to online applications, even for teaching jobs & it's so tedious to fill out all of their forms (forms that are nearly identical to ones that I already have filled out and saved on my computer, but are not in the same format, so they must be re-typed/submitted). It goes on and on for pages upon pages of references, test scores, awards & organization memberships, essays, short-answer questions, prior experiences, grades/GPA, etc, etc, etc. And that's not even including the 3 federal & state clearances I'm required to apply for & submit, plus the medical exam. After today, I am remembering precisely why I procrastinated so long last year, and that by the time I got around to starting them, I gave up because it was too late to get hired for a teaching job anyway!

Let's hope I can stick with it this time. I got one site's applications done in its entirety today & hopefully I'll get to work on the other one tomorrow...after my boss told me yesterday that she "didn't have anything to do" so she sat at her desk and facebooked for an hour, I knew it was time to start looking for another job. I mean, is it just me, or are those the kind of things that as a supervisor, you just don't do...or if you do, you at least don't tell your employees (who make under $10/hour) about it...Maybe that was my motivation.


Anonymous said...

I am all about the procrastination (and I had to reference to ur title to spell that correctly!!).
I was on a cleaning streak today, too. Must be something in the air..
And the nerve of that lady... grr

Ter said...

I hear you. I am going through the same procrastination process. Different reasons but the procrastination's the same!

Hafsa said...

Word. I had no idea you were looking for a new job though. You knooow that I can completely relate to that kind of stuff from a boss. I still don't think my boss understands that she has 4 months in which to hire and trian someone new.