Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol: Top 3

Judges Choice night!

1. Adam - Cryin' - I really loved Adam's version of this song. I thought he definitely did it justice (as Danny showed last week, Steven Tyler is tough to sing). I did NOT, however, like the back-up singing; it rang in my ears like nails on a chalkboard. I thought he shouted a bit throughout the middle (that's where I thought the backup vocals were competing with him), but overall, great performance!

2. Danny - Paula's Choice: Dance Little Sister - I don't know the original of this song, so I couldn't tell you if it is a copycat performance or if Danny made it his own, but I think that it suits the style of his voice very well. I thought the scatting/improv part was really jazzy in the middle, although I didn't like that the song's verses only seemed to center around a few notes. Good, solid, Danny-esque performance!

3. Danny - You Are So Beautiful - I really like how Danny changed up the song through the middle (respectfully, without mutilating a really beautiful song) & his voice matched Joe Cocker's really well...nice and soft! Danny's awesome!

4. Kris - Heartless - considering Kanye practically murdered his own song on idol several weeks ago, I would think that Kris could only improve upon it...I will say, however, that this doesn't really seem like his style of music, but I have heard an acapella version of this song by The Fray, so I am imagining that he will pick up the same vibe. I do like the guitar & he definitely sounds better than Kanye's digitized version. I love Kris but I think that his journey is ending tonight (no worries - off to bigger and better things!!)

5. Kris - Kara & Randy's Choice: Apologize - it's great to see him sitting at the piano. I think this style of song suits him perfectly & the range fits with his very well. It seemed a little pitchy here and there (but that could have been just because it was hard for us to hear the piano on our end). I think he sounds awesome & my only complaint is that maybe it sounded too much like the original.

6. Adam - Simon's Choice: One - The beginning of the song seems too slow, but I know that just means he's holding back a little. He did pick it up through the middle, but he verged on shouting at times. In general, I'm not a big U2 fan, so this song was just ok for me. I personally think this was one of his worst performances, even though I usually do root for team Adam!

I think that it could go either way between Danny & Kris, but I am guessing that Kris will go home tomorrow. However, if Kris sticks around, Adam probably has a better chance of beating Kris than he does of beating Danny.


Megan said...

I am just not the Adam fan that you are. I didn't think either of his performances were that great tonight - the background singers in Crying didn't work and it was a bit too screachy. And with One - why mess with U2? I would have loved to here him do it as is and kill it - I missed the original melody!
As for Danny, I just think the judges aren't too tough on him for some reason. He doesn't add an original twist to his songs and doesn't have a big range, and no one seems to mind. But when Kris sings Apologize as is, he gets knocked for it. This is probably why I don't usually watch AI - I get to caught up in the subjectiveness of the judges - I just don't understand why they seem to like Danny more than is warranted. He's not bad at all, just doesn't have the greatest stage presence (IMO). I guess I just like Kris b/c he seems honest, genuine and I just love his style of music! He's more of an artist than a performer which I think is a difference between him and Adam - they both have a niche but Danny doesn't....again just my thoughts....I'll be curious to see the outcome tonight!

Rebecka said...

I'm not an Adam fan. I just don't care for him. He seems kinda well, I don't know what. I really liked Adam from the start. I never noticed Kris.. I don't know why just never really noticed him but as the weeks went by and their was less people I noticed him and realized he is really good and I think he could have a chance at being in the finale. If it comes between Danny and Adam I think it will really be a good 'battle' but if it comes between Adam and Kris, Adam will definitely win. And I don't want that to happen. If it would be Danny and Kris I think it could be a little 'battle' too. But not as much as Danny and Adam! Hopefully Adam goes home :)