Sunday, May 03, 2009

Birthday: Part 2

Sorry for the delay! Without further ado, here is the second part of my birthday post!

On Thursday, I went to work as normal! I got a scrapbooking idea book & some scrapbooking scissors from my co-workers & then the kids sang happy birthday to me at lunch. My preschool girls also sang to me in the morning & one boy even found a little heart-shaped dude in my prize box, asked me what it said (Love You, Forever) and then promptly said, "oh, this is for you!" LOL Too cute.

As far as our appointments, things went really well aside from a couple of snafus...first, they had told B that her appointments would last from 9-9:30, 9:30-10:30, 10:30-11:30 & 1:30-3:30 & then we would meet up with them from 3:30-4:30 for the group psych eval. Apparently after her 9 Appt, they put her and C in a room around 9:30...over AN HOUR later, they still hadn't been seen & B went out to figure out what was going, there was some mix up and she wasn't supposed to have an appointment then AT she spent a friggin hour sitting there doing NOTHING with her husband and they could have at least been out reading magazines or something...

Then, they were at B's last appointment and they said something to the effect of "ok, so I think that's all until T & G get here at 2:30" and B stopped in her tracks because she knew that I was told & planning on 3:30. She called me & told me what they had said. Luckily, I was already at school with G, so we pawned his kids off (study hall) onto his co-teacher for the last couple of minutes before dismissal & we flew out of there, arriving just 20 minutes
"late" for the time that they had us scheduled. When the psychiatrist found out what had happened to us, she pretty much said that she was going to have to beat someone out at the front desk...especially after what had happened to B earlier in the day!

So, we got in there for the meeting, she asked us a few questions, said that it was evident that we had really been communicating about everything (she also noted that we would be surprised how much people HADN'T talked about before that appointment & how they
would sometimes be there for 2 hours hashing out details that no one had thought of, like what happens to unused embryos, how much contact/communication we will have, etc).

Before we left, I talked to B and she said that the nurse told her that that she could go on the pill as soon as we get the meds ordered up & we will be READY TO SYNCH UP! B said that the Dr. said that if we get it started ASAP, we could have retrieval done by JUNE 1st!!!!! I don't realistically think it will be THAT quick (I called about ordering meds, but the nurse I needed to talk to was out yesterday, so hopefully Monday), but if we don't get it started soon, we will have to wait until July because B&C are going to Hawaii, leaving June 15th!

So that's where we stand! I have an email in to the nurse to check on ordering the meds & then hopefully we can start up right away!

Oh yeah, and this is what I got for my birthday from MIL, FIL, SIL & BIL:

And this is what G is getting me:


Danielle said...

Super cute gifts!! Praying that those meds get in soon and for no more snafu's!

Anonymous said...

What a crazy day with the appointments! Jeez I wonder why they need to make things so difficult - as if it's not hard enough already! I'm sure it's not on purpose but it's so frustrating! So happy for you guys that things could happen soon. AAHHH!! :-) Will be praying like crazy!