Tuesday, May 05, 2009

American Idol: Top 4

Tonight's theme: Rock & Roll

1. Adam - Whole Lotta Love - this style is definitely his genre (haven't I been saying he's like an Axl Rose??), even though he has done well with each new obstacle - and even though I do actually enjoy his scaled-back ballads, as well. He is absolutely meant to be a rocker. Theatrical, yes, but that's what being a performer is about (especially in the rock/metal genre). Hubby said that Kara must have been taking some Paula pills tonight - she was practically having an O in her chair.

2. Allison - Cry Baby - I'll preface this by saying that I am very anti-Janis Joplin, so hopefully she can make me like it - the good news is that I couldn't tell it was a JJ song anymore. I thought she sounded great and this was actually one of her better performances in my opinion, but still can't compete with the boys, IMO. She's definitely a rocker, as well.

3. Danny - Dream On - This is a really interesting/crazy song choice for Danny because he is SO NOT the rocker - I am a little scared about this one...ok, a LOT scared. I liked the soft & sweet part at the beginning (but it was a little pitchy)...is he going to scream it out like Steven Tyler???? Yes, he did...I think he just might get pulled through the wringer for that one. Definitely a tough song to sing & I'm not so sure he should have tried for the big finish, but if he's gonna go out, I guess go out with style...

4. Kris - Come Together - I love the Beatles & I think this is an ok song choice for Kris (despite the fact that he's not a "rocker" per se), but I'm worried that it isn't enough of a "musical" piece to really show what he can do. The song tends to hover over the same few notes. I think he sounded good & made the best of it. I really liked him playing the guitar. We commented that he doesn't seem like himself this week.

1. Adam & Allison - Slow Ride - great song for two great rockers! That was really great and they are absolutely veteran performers...the only thing I'll comment about is their outfits...I hate what Allison wears and Adam's pants make him look like he's in the circus!

2. Danny & Kris - Renegade - the harmonies were amazing!!! It's very obvious (looks-wise) that Danny is not a rocker, but his voice actually matched that song really well & I thought he actually did better than Kris who ended up being a bit pitchy in spots. Really nice performance!

Bottom 2: Allison & Kris! (but really anyone's guess!)!
Going Home: Allison

PS - please make sure you check out my other post from earlier today! Major prayers are needed!


Megan said...

I missed it last night! Can't believe it - I have no idea what happened to my DVR b/c I checked before I took the kids up to bed. But I've heard that people were mad that the judges didn't call Danny out enough on his performance b/c they want him and Adam in the finals and Kris gone. I voted for Kris anyway just cuz!

TeriLynn said...

I have read your post before about infertility and seen you wrote about American Idol! I am a HUGE AI fan just because my brother in law is cousins to Danny! So we are hoping he goes all the way!