Wednesday, April 08, 2009

American Idol: Top 8

Here we go with American Idol's top 8 contestants: songs from their birth year (I think this is always my favorite because it allows them to choose any genre!) I loved the pics of the judges - I think Simon was dressed up like someone from Devo!

Allison - I Can't Make You Love Me - Great song choice, although it's hard for me to compare because Carrie Underwood also did this song & she's my favorite idol ever. I thought Allison sounded great & definitely redeemed herself from last week's No Doubt performance...although her wardrobe still has me trying to figure things out...I'm not a fan of the high heels, half-grunge, half-leather, ruffly skirt trend...if there is such a thing.
Matt - Part Time Lovers - I love the funked-out version of Stevie's song & he looks hottt...but slowing it down took some of the sense of urgency out of the original song that made you want to move along to it, so that made it not as good to me as it could be. But Matt is BAAACK!
Adam - Mad World - Ok, so I missed this because Idol ran long and I was watching it on Tivo, which didn't record it, but I went back on youtube to find it (click my link). I didn't really love the song, even though it was musically great...what I do love however is that Adam always keeps you guessing & I think that's really important in music today...unless, of course, you are Britney Spears and you don't mind that all of your songs sound exactly the same. And hey...he got a standing ovation from Simon, so my words don't really matter anyway!
Danny (I love how Danny's the oldest and he's only 6 days older than me...greeeeaaat) - Stand By Me - As always, Danny had great tone in his voice (I think the song was a perfect match to his style, range, and ability) & I really liked how he changed things up.
Anoop - way to be a big man and apologize, Anoop! - True Colors - interesting song choice (in a good way!), and the arrangement was nice. There was nothing super flashy about it but it was soft & sweet and just nice to listen to. Way to go, Anoop!
Kris - All She Wants to do is Dance - interesting song choice; the arrangement definitely made it different, but it was kind of confusing to me...Kris is my favorite (even though I love Adam and think he will win), but this just didn't do it for me. I just didn't "get it."
Lil - What's Love Got to do with It? - for probably the 3rd or 4th week in a row, I felt like Lil was behind tempo a bit & trying to drag it out...The song was just OK. It seemed kind of "flat" compared to Tina Turner's version of the song...She sounded like she was getting very tired by the end of the amazes me that Lil has never been in the bottom 3 thus far because she just hasn't been impressing me lately and I don't think that she has been listening to what the judges have been telling her each week (even though she says she has).
Scott - The Search is Over - I thought the song was really soft & sweet at the beginning, but once he started in with the guitar (which I thought I would like), it seemed more like a kid in his garage, playing along to the radio. He started to fall off pitch and basically just fell apart.

Bottom 3 this week: Scott, Lil & Anoop
Going home: Scott, even though he is being promoted now on VFTW


Megan said...

I thought Adam was great last night - I actually went back and watched it twice. I like it that his makeup was toned down and he looked more natural. But WOW- he just had so much control and was way up there (falsetto, is that what it's called?). I do love Kris though!