Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Idol: Top 7

Music from the movies...

Adam - Born to Be Wild - as I've come to expect with Adam, interesting song choice...I love when he breaks out into his metal band shriek. I thought it was a really cool performance and I'm once again floored by his talent...but I agree with Simon that it was a bit theatrical (that's Adam, though) and prior performances were a bit more original in the way that he changed them up.
Danny - Endless Love - Awesome song choice for Danny - I seriously had chills the whole way through this song. His tone just gets me everytime! LOVED.THAT.PERFORMANCE!
Anoop - Everything I Do, I Do it For You - as an aside, this is the first song I ever slow-danced to in 7th grade, so I have an emotional attachment to it - I hope Anoop doesn't disappoint...and he didn't - he gave me chills because he's so sincere and you really feel like he means what he's singing (or as Kara said, I felt so connected!). Awesome job, Anoop!
Kris - Falling Slowly - Kris sounded great, but I was a bit bored with the song...maybe because I wasn't familiar with it. I loved the falsetto. I think he would have made a good choice doing piano this week, but maybe it would have been too distracting for him to do both. Not my favorite of his performances.
Matt - To Really Love a Woman - I loved seeing Matt at the piano still & doing his little falsetto thing. He had some problems in the middle especially with the key change - he started to fall apart a bit. He just tried to do too much. I think this song was just a little too "soft" for him.
Allison - I Don't Want to Miss a Thing - after seeing her practice session w/ Quentin, I thought it was going to be a really good match for Allison, but I did NOT like this performance. I thought she was really pitchy, especially in the beginning, and definitely over-singing throughout. I wasn't impressed and I'm surprised the judges didn't hear that.
Lil - The Rose - this song choice makes me really nervous, as it's kind of a traditional voice-lesson recital song (meaning it's pretty easy and sticks to the same 4-5 notes throughout). I did not like how she tried to add runs, etc into the song. The problem with the song is that it its beauty is in its simplicity...doctoring it up ruins it, IMO...and again, she kept starting before the beat almost every phrase...drives.me.crazy.

Bottom 3: Allison, Lil, Anoop

Going Home: Lil


Melissa said...

I just live reading your comments! Adam may shriek but he's on key. I really enjoyed Danny too. I think Allison was great as was anoop. I told my husband his song reminded me of high school and he said it reminded him of college. Gotta love the age difference. I say kris, matt, and lil in bottom 3 and lil goes home. Melissa F. aka cash/zoe

Smoochiefrog said...

You gotta give Adam props though, he is at least consistent.

Dawn said...

I enjoyed your Idol recap! I am sick to death of Adam's shrieking. We get it! He can squeal!

I think Matt might be in trouble this week. Can't wait to find out!

Megan said...

Oh yay - other commenters!
Anyway - my fave was Kris! I love love love Falling Slowly - seriously I wanted to rewatch it afterwards. It was from a movie I loved and I thought it was cool that it was more of an obscure pick (even though it won Best Song at the Oscars last year).
I like Matt but I think he isn't connecting with the voters and is probably splitting votes with Kris. I would rather that Lil goes home but she's VFTW this week, so who knows!