Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol: Top 7 (AGAIN!)

Disco week! I can't wait to see what they pull out of their hats this time around! I was kind of surprised that they saved Matt last week! I think he's awesome and has come so far in the competition, but I thought they would save the save for Adam, Danny or Kris, if need be.

1. Kris - She Works Hard For the Money - interesting song choice, but I totally love his acoustic arrangement...kind of like an MTV unplugged thing going on. Kris is really starting to put me in mind of a John Mayer & he's definitely growing on me more and more each week! What a cool, one-of-a-kind performance!
2. Danny - September - great choice for Danny, but I'm not a fan of the scruff going on on his face. I thought he did a great job and I thought this song was a lot of fun! And I agree with Kara, Danny never has pitch problems!
3. Adam - If I Can't Have You - Adam's back to his JoBro/Elvis look & I still can't decide if I like it or not - vocally, I was surprised to see Adam scale it back for disco week (because I think he could have gone really crazy with funky, falsetto, disco-esque stuff). He sounded amazing & he continues to make us expect the unexpected. Not my favorite performance, but still solid &, as always, unique!
4. Matt - Stayin Alive - I'm not so sure how the judges will feel about this song since it's SO cliche disco, but I thought it was a nice performance. I really liked when Matt went up into his falsetto, in true Bee Gees fashion. This was a surprising choice, but I thought he worked it out and really showed his stuff.
5. Allison - Hot Stuff - First of all, her outfit is only marginally better than it has been in the past weeks...she looks half cat-woman, half disco-ball (which I suppose is appropriate). I wasn't really a fan of this performance. Vocally, she sounded good (shouting at times), but I didn't like the arrangement...I didn't feel like there was much meat to it (but what was there, she made it sound great!)
6. Anoop - Dim All the Lights - Just an ok performance from Anoop. I thought he sounded good vocally but there was nothing outstanding in the song's arrangement that really drew me in. I liked that he was doing something softer instead of going "traditional" disco...and I don't like his scruff either.
7. Lil
- I'm Every Woman - again, just OK - I felt like this style of music suited her more than any of the others, but I'm just not a fan. Pitchy & all over the place. Sorry, Lil. Your days are numbered. I hope you just saved Matt from his imminent death.

Bottom 3: Lil, Anoop, ???? (Matt)

Going Home: Lil (I hope) & Anoop


Megan said...

there goes my boy kris killing it again...perhaps I need to add a "dawg" in there to sound a bit more like randy! kris, adam and then danny were my top 3 - danny 3rd b/c it wasn't too exciting or original. but kris sings the style of music that i would actually listen to or buy so that's why i've always liked him!

Sherri's Southern Style said...

Great Post! Visiting from BooMama's - HI!
Kris was AWESOME last night. Danny is still my FAVORITE, would love to see them as the top two!