Tuesday, April 28, 2009

American Idol: Top 5

This week's theme: The Rat Pack era

1. Adam - I'm Feeling Good - Ok, I hate to sound like a broken record, but Adam is amazing! They were talking about swagger...ADAM has SWAGGER, baby! I know there's Adam haters out there, but wow...I can't get over what he does with that voice. Un.freakin.believable.

2. Matt - My Funny Valentine - This seems like it should be a great style & song for Matt. He definitely has that crooner-style voice (and look). I loved the control of the runs in the middle of the song & I loved when he started belting out the second half. That kid can SING and I am so, so, SO glad that they saved him (even if he doesn't win). I hope we see a lot more of him!

3. Kris - The Way You Look Tonight - I was kind of taken aback to see Kris in a suit since he's usually in his jeans & tee, but I liked the little bit of casual-ness that he threw in there by loosening his tie a little - I thought the song sounded great - nice & soft & he held back a little. He showed off his range & threw in little runs that were great & it just sounded so sincere. I will actually quote Paula when she said that he could be a "contemporary crooner", like a Michael Buble of sorts, but I also agree with Simon that it wasn't incredible.

4. Danny - Come Rain or Come Shine - Ok first off, Danny looks SMOKIN' tonight! I have to admit that I felt kind of disjointed from the song - I'm not sure if it is the phrasing or the timing of the song, but I didn't really enjoy the performance as much as all of the judges did. I thought he sounded great, but I just wasn't drawn in...but I guess I don't know as much as the judges do!!!!

5. Allison - Someone To Watch Over Me - I definitely think she looks great tonight (finally) & I love this song! I did it in high school at a voice recital! She puts me in mind of Eartha Kitt in this song (although I can admit that the only Eartha Kitt song I know is Santa Baby). This is probably my favorite performance of Allison's - I haven't been a fan in past weeks (even though I agree she can definitely sing), but this style really pushes her to sing instead of shout. She showed a lot of control in this song, but I agree with Simon that I think she's in jeopardy this week, simply because she has a hard time connecting emotionally with her audience.

Bottom 3 (despite great performances by all): Matt, Allison & Kris???

Going home: Allison (due to VFTW factor on Matt)


Kacie said...

Funny how so many people LOVED this song from Danny, isn't it? I agree with you, I wasn't drawn into it. And I agree that Matt was good. I hope he doesn't go home this week.

My review is here:http://kaciesmixedmedia.blogspot.com/

Kritter Krit said...

I'm week-to-week on Adam. One weeks he wows me. The next I feel like I need a shower from the Ick. The stick-my-tongue-out-and-scream thing is getting a bit old. The control he has in that range IS INCREDIBLE. But we've seen it a million times. And I'm over it a smidge.

That said. Here’s my two (totally worthless) cents on the matter…

I think AI is rigged. Well, maybe not “rigged” exactly, but I definitely think Simon has an agenda. One he pushes - heavily. I mean, he’ll say something negative about a performance (even if it was flawless - even if I think HE THINKS it was flawless) just to try to sway the voters. Take Allison for example. She was pretty darn close to perfection last night. Looked great, sounded amazing. Strong, pure power in her voice. What’s to complain about? Enter Simon, who claims she “doesn’t care about winning”. Ha! I think the man fancies himself a Puppeteer. Ooo ah ah… Pull the strings and watch America dance to my commands.

It really irks me sometimes.

Hmm. Perhaps I’m a tad too emotionally invested in this stinkin’ show. Whoops.