Monday, January 21, 2008

...and we wait

Our 6th (and hopefully final) IUI was yesterday. Despite the disappointing circumstances, it was so nice to have Gregg there with me and make me laugh during the 10 minute wait in the room, since usually, he goes to the office to make his deposit & then returns to work, then I show up at the office 1.5 hours later. We laughed and made fun of the cheesy Jim Brickman music that they played to "relax" me and tried to be as positive as possible about the outcome of this cycle. Afterall, as the dr. said, it "almost" worked last time...let's pray for a sticky baby.

As far as the future, I am feeling much better about things today. Based on the advice of some WONDERFUL online friends, I have begun researching facilities in order to get a second opinion. There is a highly regarded clinic in NJ that specializes in IVF. They have an online discussion forum through their website & actual doctors respond to your questions. I posted on the site about my situation (being referred to donor eggs) and the doctor replied quickly and very confidently that given my age and hormone levels, there is absolutely NO reason to jump to donor eggs at this point. That gave me lots of hope. Praise God that G is on board with this also...he sees the hurt in me and knows that we need to give this all we've got in order to see our dream of having our own child come to fruition...I won't be able to move on to other options (ie. donor eggs or adoption) until I have pursued every option that's presented to us. In addition, this clinic has an outcome-based program through which, if we qualify (I'm assuming we would based on age and health), we don't pay unless the IVF cycle is successful. To me, that makes such a huge difference and speaks volumes about their success rates and their devotion to their patients well-being. The Lord continues to provide opportunities and financial assitance, so we will continue to be faithful and pray.

Thanks for your continued prayers!


Tina623 said...

What part of NJ are you in? I loved our Fertility Clinic and he has a high success rate and the nurses and dr's are fantastic. It's in Paramus. Not sure if that is close to you or not. I hope this is your final IUI as well. Stick baby Stick!

mego said...

Will you be waiting 2 weeks until you find out? I'm trying to get familiar with the lingo.

How great that you were encouraged today by other options. I imagine having that hope will get you through the next few weeks.

Tina623 said...

It's actually in North East ish New Jersey. Probably far from where you are. I really hope this works for you!