Thursday, March 11, 2010

Idol Chat: Top 16

Before I start posting about the lowdown of this week's Idol shows, I have to throw a question at you...for those of you hanging in there with me, does it bother you that I haven't blogged about IF? For those of you who are IF, would you like to see more posts or does it provide some strange comfort that I'm IF and NOT blogging about it, exclusively? Please give me your feedback...I know this is an IF blog, after all, but I also know that there's life outside of & apart from infertility & I want to know where you stand! Thanks!

Now for the idol week, I'll start up w/ the more in depth coverage of the individual performances, but for now, I'll just do my overall rankings!

The girls were once again very boring in my opinion...:
Crystal (the line there shows how head & shoulders Crystal is over the other my opinion, while they are all very talented, the other girls just pale in comparison to her (and I never thought I'd say that!)
Paige* (VFTW candidate)

I think Crystal, Lily & Siobhan are the only 3 truly safe ones tonight!

The guys (from the best listed first):
Big Mike
Tim (never thought I'd see him up here!)(VFTW candidate)

I think that it was a very mixed up & backwards night for the guys...some of the better ones in my opinion are down at the bottom (Casey, Lee, Andrew) while some of the weaker ones really excelled (Alex, Todrick, Tim - although Alex still does look like a deer in headlights). I don't think Alex or Todrick are completely safe tonight either, though, simply based on prior performances.


Nichole said...

Teri - I don't mind at all that you aren't blogging about IF. I think that this is your blog, and you should blog about whatever you want. Maybe some days it is IF related, some days it isn't.

I didn't watch AI last night - gotta try to catch it tonight!

Megan said...

I'm glad that you feel like you can share your life, whether it's the serious stuff like IF, or the light day to day stuff - I like having a picture into what's going on with you!

As for AI - just now watched the guys tonight- kind of stunned by Tim U. Matt and I didn't think he could sing until tonight! Haven't seen much else yet, but I'm excited to see Big Mike. And Crystal is the only one I watch of the girls - she's the only one I am interested in!

Kate said...

I just like keeping up with your life. :) If you need a break from talking about IF, take it!