Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A product review: Burt's Bees Skin Care

I realize that this isn't the kind of update that most of you have been waiting for from me (sorry I've still been gone, there honestly hasn't been much to say and I'm still fending off the blues at times). I promise that next week, after my follow-up with the doctor (Thursday), I will post an update and let you all know what's going on.

Instead, I'm going to post about my newest product trial, Burt's Bees Skin Care line. We all know & love their lip balms, so I was really excited to be able to give the skin care products a try.

I have very sensitive, acne prone skin, which is a terrible combination. Most products used to treat acne are too harsh on sensitive skin & vice versa with sensitive skin products. I was really excited to read that these products were all natural. In my test kit, I received the face wash (liquid) and blemish spot treatment. Both have a licorice-y smell (especially the spot treatment product), which is a bit overpowering at first, but goes away after it's been on a while. You probably wouldn't want to put the spot treatment on in the morning anyway, but it's perfectly fine for bed time.

I can happily say that both products have really changed the quality of my skin over the past month! The redness has subsided & any blemishes seem to go away more quickly than usual. The only draw-back for me is the price ($9 and up per product), but I honestly only use a little bit at a time. After one month's usage, I've barely used 1/4 bottle from each product, so even that's not bad. I'm hoping to find some coupons so that I can continue using this product.

If you would like to review products & make a Bzzz about them, check out Bzzagent.com or comment with your email address (don't worry, I won't publish it) and I'll send you a referral email! :) If you would like to try the spot treatment, let me know and I can mail an sample vial out to you (only have a couple left!)


Amy said...

Good to hear from you! :)

Your timing is funny-- I just received a package in the mail yesterday with another skin care product line to review. I have to try this stuff for three weeks and then post the review. It must be the week for skin care products!

The Swann's said...

I've been wanting to try more Burt's Bees products but like you mentioned, the price has detered me from trying but if I love and it works {I too have acne prone skin but extremely sensitive!!!} it is so worth it! :-) Thanks for the review!!

Kate said...

We looooove Burt's Bees products!! They keep eczema away for all of us and I love my lip balm. The price scared me at first, too, but honestly we're only halfway through a bottle of shampoo that we bought in December. The price beats California Baby products, plus the products don't make any of us sensitive people itch the way CB does. :)

Stockpiling Mom said...

Hugs to you!

Jack said...

just wanted you to know we are still praying for you!