Friday, June 19, 2009

Good times to come!

Tonight, G & I are off to a Phillies game in the city - we go a few times every season and I'm excited to head back tonight! After the game, we'll come back home to sleep & then head out for central PA in the morning! We'll be gone for a week to visit with family, attend my *little* cousin's graduation party (I say *little* because she's at least half a foot taller than me!) and go on our annual camping outing with my parents (and the same cousin, J).

Over the years, J & G have become quite the duo...they make silly videos, take crazy pictures, roll down hills together & make everyone laugh! Let's just say that camping is NEVER boring when the two of them are involved! We've got stories to tell EVERY time (the camper breaking?, skunks "fighting" outside our camper at night?, G & J burning random stuff in the fire?), so I'm hoping that J will be a guest blogger for me when we return (and of course, there will be plenty of silly pictures & videos to share)...

Let me include some pics from past camping trips - I hope you'll join us for the fun when we return!

G & I cooking some food

G & I on the Dam

G, J & I - We LOVE HER!

G, J & I and another younger cousin, M (who usually comes along, but not this year)


Candi said...

I hope you have a wonderful time. It sounds fun!

Kara said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!! Have a great time!

Ter said...

gosh you look like you could be one of your own students.

Hafsa said...

It seems as if everyone has something fun happening this summer, DH and I need to get our butts in gear and plan a vacation. Hope you guys have fun!

mjenningsdesigns said...

Stopping in to say Hi. I have been off of the blogging world for about a month and finally got back into gear tonight! Hope you are having a great summer!