Wednesday, April 02, 2008

5 Things...

Five Things Meme:

What I was doing ten years ago:

  1. Getting ready for high school graduation in 2 more months!
  2. Worrying about finding a date to the senior prom
  3. Stressing way too much about my grades
  4. Singing in the school's musical (Once on this Island) and show choir!
  5. Finding the perfect prom dress

Five things on my To-do list today:

  1. Work
  2. Take a nap
  3. Make dinner (heating up leftovers shouldn't be too difficult today!)
  4. Watch American Idol results
  5. read a few of my favorite blogs

Snacks I enjoy:

  1. Sour Patch Kids
  2. Potato Chips
  3. Goldfish Crackers
  4. Fruit Snacks
  5. Fruit Salad

Things I would do if I was a millionaire:

  1. Quit my job (maybe)
  2. Travel to warm places (cruise)
  3. Give A LOT of money away to charity
  4. Build a beautiful house & buy an interior decorator to make it cute
  5. Have IVF done w/ the best docs in the world.

Five Bad Habits:

  1. picking at my fingernails (notice I didn't say bite)
  2. laziness (not cleaning the house when I should)
  3. staying up too late at night
  4. licking my lips
  5. over-plucking my eyebrows (nervous habit)

Five places I have lived:

  1. Frenchville, PA
  2. State College, PA
  3. Williamsport, PA
  4. Slippery Rock, PA
  5. East Greenville, PA

Five Jobs I have Had:

  1. Grocery store cashier
  2. School supply warehouse order-filler (whew! That's a mouthful)
  3. Children's minister
  4. Kindergarten teacher
  5. Preschool teacher


Megan said...

For some reason I say the "5 things" and thought instead of 10 years ago it was five years ago. So I was reading about prom and graduation feeling very baffled for a few seconds!
Fun post! Hope you're doing well...

Ter said...

You were just graduating high school 5 years ago? Wow, now I feel old!!!! ;)

Teri said...

10 years ago - I'm not THAT young! I wish ;)