Saturday, May 15, 2010


Here's a little sampling of the things I have been crazily working on in the past week - remember how busy I said I've been? I wasn't lying!....(sorry about the photo quality - they were mostly with my phone)

I made this today. It's a knot blanket for a friend's birthday coming up this week. I think it's my favorite blanket I've ever made (and I've made about 30 of them!).

These are the t-shirts that I made for my three-year-olds (7 of them). They have their names, the name of the school & 2010 on the backs! I also made 8 tote bags (exactly like the t-shirts) for my 4 year olds. I can proudly say I came up with this little saying on my own :)

I did three Father's Day projects with both classes this week, one of which was this card that looks like a shirt & tie. Another was a tin can covered w/ scrapbooking paper, which says "My Dad 'can' do it all!" (I know it's early for Father's Day, but we only have two weeks of preschool left!) - and the last one was a card w/ their footprint on the front w/ a poem, and a survey (answered by the kids) about their dad's favorite things on the inside!

These are the 2 different photo albums for my classes, too. The solid colored ones are for the 3s. I just wrote their names & then embellished with stickers. The patterned ones are for the 4s. I bought the albums at Wal-mart, but didn't like the covers, so I added scrapbook paper to make them a little prettier!


ter@waaoms said...

I do that with albums too, and I usually embellish them more but yeah, I don't know why they aren't that nice to begin with.

hope life is treating you well, I'm going to play a bit of catch up on your blog.

Kate said...

Your stuff is so cute! :) I wish we lived closer and you could be Andy's teacher!

Anonymous said...

i love the colors of that blanket!
your so crafty :)

Candi said... doesn't look like you've been busy at all. ;-)

Those shirts are super cute!

Talita said...

Lol!! "Froget" is hilarious!