Saturday, October 11, 2008

House & other odds & ends

Things have continued to be busy around here. G had a day off of school this week, so we took the opportunity to go to the furniture store and buy stuff...lots of stuff...probably too much stuff in this crazy economy, but they were giving us free financing until 2013, so we figured we couldn't pass up the opportunity. After we bought the furniture, we went to the insurance agent's place and signed paperwork to get our homeowner's insurance all lined up. We have to make lots of calls this week to get our electric in order, as well as the cable. We're still not sure yet what will happen with our internet situation, since we've heard that they don't offer DSL in the area...that's going to be a real bummer if we have to go back to dial-up since we don't want to pay for cable internet (too much $$$). We're probably going to go out some night this week to pick up paint swatches and try to figure out what we want to do there. I have general ideas of what colors I want everywhere. Just nothing concrete. I want a pale green-blue in our bathroom, the same gold we had in our old bedroom for our new one, light gray in G's office, a tan in the living room/breakfast nook, a nice red in the kitchen (if we can pull it off) and a light blue in the dining room. I just have a hard time picking the actual shade.

And now, some pictures...I will be adding more actual pics of the house as soon as G uploads them.

Here are the pieces to our dining room set. We bought the table/chairs & the side-board. G's mom & dad might be getting the china cabinet for us for our Christmas present.


Kenia said...

you move very pretty interesting

mjenningsdesigns said...

I love furniture shopping! It sounds like everything is coming along. I sure hope you don't have to go back to dial up!

Megan said...

everything looks gorgeous!

Hafsa said...

I love the table and chairs set, it's very mission style with the dark wood, and I love the couch. I'm trying to convince my husband to splurge on a couch like that for Christmas!