Sunday, September 21, 2008

More house pics!

Gregg is away today (Eagles vs. Steelers game), so I thought there was no better time than now to update everyone on the house! We're locked into a settlement date of October 20th! That is now officially less than a month away! Last week, we snuck in during the evening (shhhhh! don't tell anyone!) to get some pics now that the drywalling is done! I can't believe how much bigger it looks now with the drywall in, than it did before when it was just the 2x6s and plywood on the floor.

The garage

Looking from the kitchen into the living room

The dining room...I already have our furniture all picked out for this room! :)

Another shot of the living room

The guest bathroom tub/shower

The laundry room (upstairs) - I love this green shade of drywall they've been using - I think it must have something to do with being the kind for damper rooms - anyone out there know?! :)

The office

Master bedroom...don't you love the pile of builder's garbage right where our bed will be?

The stairwell

And my lovely corner tub (and after posting this, I realize that it looks like it's a sink, not a tub! I was going to stand in it for comparison, but DH wouldn't let me)


blossom near me said...

I wish you the very very best best life!

Tipp said...

It is coming along so nicely, you will love the tub!

Nichole said...

The house is beautiful! As for the pretty green drywall...yes, it is a drywall specially made for bathrooms. It is supposed to help prevent mold growth.

Good Luck!

Ter said...

J E A L O U S!

but yay for you! :)